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Our Island Game Talk Show

Our Island project has been developed by Rozmai with the purpose of provoking civic activities around a socially targeted TV program, dubbed by its authors a TV game for the non-indifferent . The game has 36 participants selected so as to represent the Ukrainian population in terms of age, professional and social status. Victims of a shipwreck, they find themselves in an uninhabited island and try to survive by building a common home, i.e., developing community laws, virtual economic structures, and public institutions, choosing a social system, and promoting human rights. They take up the roles of legislators, government officials, and opposition leaders, identifying important issues, discussing and voting them, thus laying down the foundations of an open civil society. They also quarrel, set up political parties, and throw bananas at one another.  
The TV game is interactive and engages the audience (phone calls, letters, quiz contests).
It has been broadcast by a national network, featuring leading politicians and public celebrities as guests and experts.
The project was supported by
  • International Renaissance Foundation
  • Matra Programme, Embassy of the Netherlands
  • Canada Fund

  • If you want to watch the show, please call us.
    Ukraine, 01023, Kyiv, Leonida Pervomaiskogo 9 str., / fax (380 44) 220 91 22, 234 84 02