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Rozmai Media Center has its own video studios and a team of experienced movie and TV producers , directors , story writers , cameramen , and editors. The studios have digital filming and editing equipment and can carry out several parallel projects.
Rozmai Studios also work as a dubbing studio that produces Ukrainian versions of foreign - made films and TV programs. It also dubs Ukrainian videos into English , French , German , Spanish , Italian , and Portuguese .
The Center has worked as production studios and developed the following major video products :

•  Will You Go To Vote? election campaign series with the National Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute, USA (produced by Rozmai's legal predecessor VIMA Studios, 1997);
•  Red Ruta, Ten Years That Shook documentary series in six episodes on a cult music festival in Ukraine (2000);
•  Woman Under the Stars series in 5 episodes on a fashion show in Rome , produced with Mediaset , Italy (2000),
•  Polissya: Ecology of Beauty environmental documentary for the United Nations Development Project (2001),
•  Our Island socio-political game show in 12 episodes, with support of the International Renaissance Foundation, Matra Programme (Netherlands), and Canada Fund (2002),
•  Your Life Is Your Choice Documentary on the Peer To Peer Education Program for the Ministry of Education and Science/UNDP/UNAIDS (2003),
•  Say No To Foul Elections public campaign series on fraud in the 2004 Presidential Election, with support of Media Development Fund, US Embassy, and Eurasia Foundation (2004),
•  Cosumers Sklo Zorya Documentary on a glass factory, a success story of Ukrainian industry (2005)
•  NATO: Friend or Foe? documentary TV series, with support of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, and the International Renaissance Foundation.

You can find detailed information on these and other projects in the Ukrainian version of this site


5 Novopecherskiy Prov., Kiev, 01042 Ukraine Tel/fax (+380 44) 583 5094