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ROZMAI is a company that deals primarily with text and sound
development, processing, recording and


We have brought together the best interpreters and translators that are available on the market in Ukraine to date. All of them have been tested throughout many years of professional work and experience and have carried out some of the most challenging assignments that this profession can offer. Whether it is a top-level international or inter-governmental meeting, a symposium with a very specialized agenda, or a diplomatic round of talks, our guys and ladies have always done a superb job.


Rozmai provides services in the area of

  • simultaneous interpretation
  • consecutive interpretation
  • written translation of official documents, reports, presentations, and policy papers in every field of human activities.

Rozmai’s head of interpretation department is Vadym Kastelli, certified as conference interpreter by such international organizations as European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe, NATO, IMF, and broadly considered one of the most versatile Ukrainian interpreters today.

  • Mr. Kastelli and his colleagues are regularly invited to translate formal, as well as delicate informal meetings between NATO and Ukraine, both in Brussels and in Kiev;
  • EBRD has used our services since 1996 at every Annual Governors Meeting, whether in London, Belgrade, Riga, or Tashkent;
  • Our interpreters have worked at every session of the Parliamentary Assembly since Ukraine joined the Council of Europe.

Our references can be provided by such demanding clients as

  • the President of Ukraine
  • at least three latest Prime Ministers
  • National Security and Defense Council
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Defense

and many national and international organizations, business corporations, think tanks, foreign embassies, and so on.

We are proud to have been selected the official provider of translation services to the Council of Europe in Ukraine for 2009-2010, 2011-2013.

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