Criminal Justice Humanization

Who are the people kept in Ukrainian prisons? Criminals, for sure. Murderers and robbers? The answer is no: almost two thirds of the prison population are people whose sentence is less then three years.
Our courts put people behind bars even for petty misdemeanours. As a result, the prisons are overcrowded, there is no funding for the huge penitentiary system, diseases are rampant, and young people leave the facilities with moral and physical traumas and often ready for real criminal life.
So what is the way out, not to punish the perpetrators? It turns out they can be punished but not necessarily deprived of liberty. Alternatives exist - probation, mediation, peaceful settlement.
Ukraine badly needs a reform of its penitentiary system. Rozmai journalists have interviewed dozens of Ukrainian and international experts, government officials and politicians, NGO activists and former inmates. With support of the International Renaissance Foundation, Rozmai has produced a series of radio shows aired by the National Radio in 2005 and 2006, and published a study called Humanization of Criminal Justice. Expert Views.

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