Romano Drom book and CD


There is a Roma tradition: when you enter a Roma house you should bring a gift. Even a small one, so you do not come with empty hands. It means that you have prepared yourself for the visit, and it is a sign of respect.
This is what Romano Drom is: a real gift, an album of authentic music of the Ukrainian Roma people recorded in five different regions of the country by prominent folk music experts Olena and Yuri Chekan. The album, as well as the accompanying book, were published by Rozmai in 2003.

The CD, and its twin cassette tape, is called ROMANO DROM, the Music of the Ukrainian Roma, and it features 20 songs and instrumental compositions by as many as 28 performers. The book is called ROMANO DROM, a Trip to the Roma Land, it has 64 pages, 20 color photos, and it features articles and essays by four authors.

Rozmai journalists covered the development of the project and introduced the project performers and their music to the national audience in Veronica Makoviy's Golden Wind radio show produced by Rozmai for Promin National Radio Channel.

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