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Man of Power

MAN OF POWER was a live radio talk show with participation of elected officials of the national and local legislative and executive bodies. Rozmai researchers meticulously prepared every interview by collecting information on the politicians' past and present life, including personal and well-concealed details. The show hosts would then remind the guests of the promises they had made before they were elected and asked them to comment on how they had kept their word.
The show did not have an easy life: its original broadcaster, Kyiv-based Radio Roks eventually refused to air it, then Radio Kontinent stepped in March 2004, and MP Ivan Plusch was the first guest of Rozmai show aired by Kontinent . The following day, jamming of Radio Kontinent 's programs began. On March 3, the broadcasts were terminated, and the station transmitter was seized by police.
Rozmai continued to regularly host the country's leading politicians at its studios. The interviews found their way to the audience in the following ways:
  1. We sent them out as live stream radio broadcasts in the Internet .
  2. We published the texts of the conversations on our web site and shared them with other web projects, such as Telekritika , and various Internet news agencies.
  3. Rozmai producers developed print versions of the conversations and sent them out to about two dozen regional newspapers. Forty two interviews have been published by eighteen regional newspapers, and short versions have been published by five national papers and magazines .
  4. 15-minute versions of the radio conversations were placed on our site as audio files and mailed out to the regional radio stations in Crimea, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Luhansk, Chernihiv, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, and Poltava.
  5. Rozmai concluded an agreement with the National Radio Company on broadcasting short versions of the interviews in the national air ( Radio Promin covers 80-85% of the country). Twelve interviews have been broadcast.
  6. All the interviews were filmed on professional video tape in digital format.
Eighty two interviews were recorded and broadcast. In compliance with its principle of providing equal media access to representatives of various political parties and movements, the show producers invited to the studios politicians representing Rukh, Ukrainian People's Party, NDP, the Agrarian Party, the Socialist Party, The Regions of Ukraine, Reforms and Order, SDPUo, Democratic Initiatives, Our Ukraine , The Center , and independent politicians. Rozmai journalists have talked on the air to MPs, Ministers of the Ukrainian Cabinet, human rights activists, and high-ranking civil servants.

The project was supported by

• Media Development Fund , US Embassy in Ukraine
• Matra Programme, Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine

The full texts of the interviews are available on the web site .

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