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Green Wave Environmental Radio Show

Rozmai Media Center produced the Green Wave thirty-minute radio show for Promin National Channel between 1999 and 2001. The NGO developed the show format, production team, extensive contacts with nature preservation and environmentalist NGOs, and a correspondent network. The show went on the air every Tuesday at 9.30 pm. It was popular: the studios received 5 to 7 calls from all over Ukraine while it was on the air, and about 400 letters from listeners. However, the Center produced the Green Wave on its own, without any external assistance, and as funding dissipated, the production came to a halt in 2001.
The aims of the project were

- Establishing a proper community climate based on understanding of the need to preserve biological and landscape diversity as a prerequisite for sustainable development and social progress;
- Environmental education of the population and promotion of ecological knowledge that will facilitate Ukraine 's accession to the international framework of environmental law;
- Increasing public awareness of nature preservation issues;
- Shaping public opinion on possible solutions for environmental problems;
- Promotion of local environmental initiatives.
The show consisted of the following major blocks:
•  Environmental News provided by information agencies, correspondents from the regions of Ukraine (by telephone), and comments by the experts;
•  Round Table Ц discussions of hot issues with participation of community members, researchers, and independent experts;
•  Green Card Ц presentation of NGOs, associations, foundations, parties, and governmental agencies that deal with environmental issues;
•  Environmental Law ;
•  Press Review ;
•  Letters from the Listeners ;
•  Natural Advice Ц information on household plants, botanical gardens, natural reserves and museums, tourism, and so on.

If you want to hear the radio programs, please call us.

5 Novopecherskiy Prov., Kiev, 01042 Ukraine Tel/fax (+380 44) 583 5094